Sunday 21 February 2010

10 Affordable Eco Fashion Designers

Eco Fashion may sometimes be slightly more expensive, but it tends to be more durable. Buy a winter coat from the high street for £100 and you may have to replace it in two years. Buy an eco winter coat for £400 and it may last you for 40 years. Eco fashion saves you money in the long term, as these designers show with their durable eco fashion items.

Under £400 for a tailored jacket designed to last for decades. Garments are made using sustainable sources such as organic cotton and bamboo.
The Environmental Justice Foundation receives donated designs from established names such as Luella and Katharine Hamnett in order to keep their prices low. T-shirts from these designers would normally be considered high-end and retail for around £90, whereas EJF sell them for £30, and they’re made with organic and fair trade cotton. A great example of affordable eco fashion.
Stamo features an innovative ‘half garment’ concept. For example, two half jackets of different styles are sewn together for form a whole, using various recycled and vintage fabrics.
Minna’s zero waste policy means that all waste remnants are used to embellish the garments. They are hand made using sustainable and organic fabrics.
The North Circular use Wensleydale sheep wool and other materials sourced within the UK. Their cashmere garments are up to £150 cheaper than you’ll find on the high street.
Even if you forget about fashion, Izzy Lane is making an essential contribution to global biodiversity. They look after Wensleydale sheep and save them from extinction.
Not only does Beautiful Soul use Wensleydale sheep wool, they also use up-cycled materials, and have won the Ethical Fashion Forum’s Innovation Award.
Joanna Cave converted to being ethical, and found she didn’t need to increase her prices. 90% of her materials are recycled. For example, she found that recycled silver is the same price as buying it new.
These shoes are hand-made in London with recycled materials sourced in the UK. Heels are formed from sustainably sourced cork and wood, and soles comprise largely of recycled leather. The curvy collection has recently introduced vegetable tanned leathers.
Famous for having Cameron Diaz wear a belt made from recycled fire hoses, Elvis & Kresse Arts have stylish eco accessories in the range of £90-£300, affordable for an exclusive high end range.

Atul Srivastava
Eco Expert
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Monday 8 February 2010

5 Eco Money Saving Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Valentine’s Day gifts are inherently somewhat personal, so there may be fewer conversations amongst friends or around the dinner table about ideas for eco money saving Valentine’s Day gifts. We English are happy to share tips about saving energy in the home or where the nearest recycling points are, but what about your love life? Here’s my no holds barred, top 5 eco money saving Valentine’s Day gifts!


1. Pants to Poverty! These pants are made from fair-trade and organic cotton, starting at £7 a pair. Established in 2005, the company has a serious mission behind its comic marketing. Pesticide pollution, empowering women and economic empowerment for farmers in India. Pants to Poverty aims to “rid the world of bad pants”, saying “we want our pants to be completely transparent”. They mean in terms of the production process, of course.

2. Eco Condoms! Yes, you read that right. A pack of 12 costs £8.99. French Letter have brought out eco friendly condoms made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified rubber, so the planet doesn’t suffer while you have fun! They carry the BSI (British Standards Institution) kite mark, so they are as safe as any other brand.

3. For Her: BaByliss Eco Hair Dryer 5137U, £18.45 from John Lewis. Products in the home that heat things up tend to use the most energy. This hair dryer gives you the powerful drying performance of a conventional 2000 watt dryer, but uses only 1000 watts, saving you money on your energy bill. You could get her an eco kettle, but a hair dryer seems more appropriate for Valentine’s Day!

4. For Him: The Jimi Wallet, starting at £6. Made from 100% recycled materials, the Jimi wallet is water resistant and therefore already popular with blokes who enjoy their outdoor activities, particularly cycling and snow sports.

5. Bamboo Candles, starting at £9. Bamboo is a multi-purpose, eco-friendly grass that, when harvested, carries on growing again. Bamboo candles are filled with soy wax, an annually renewable resource which is non-toxic, biodegradable, and virtually soot and smoke free. It’s so soft, you can even use it as a massage oil when it’s warm.

Atul Srivastava
Eco Expert
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