Tuesday 24 August 2010

Clothes Show Report - Part 2

In Part 1 of my review of the Clothes Show London 2010 at Earl‟s Court, I reported a notable lack of eco fashion relative to demand. But let‟s not forget to celebrate the brands that did show, and encourage more to come in future. Here are the 7 organisations I interviewed at the show:

The Environmental Justice Foundation has a leading position in the eco fashion industry. Celebrity endorsement is always useful, and as well as working with Lily Cole, EJF secured the services of Jade Jagger who designed one of their organic cotton bags, with net proceeds supporting EJF. To request a transcript of my interview with Valerie from EJF, email atul@ecoexpert.tv

“What we hope for the future is that it will just be the norm...we always say it‟s a fashion brand first, and eco is how it should be done...” To request a transcript of my interview with Tony from Komodo, email atul@ecoexpert.tv
Environmentally friendly footwear made from natural cotton, jute (affordable, vegetable fibre) rope and recycled tyres.

Swimwear that changes colour and pattern on contact with water, made from UK materials including recycled nylon.

Stole the show with an enormous water tank with bikini clad models posing for photos, which were sold to the media. Profits go towards clean water provision in Madagascar. Keira Knightly had a go in the tank.

Launched by Bar Refaeli, the Corona Save the Beach campaign had a mock beach at the Clothes Show, used as a catwalk. CSTB is touring a „trash hotel‟ to warn what future beaches will be like if we do nothing.

Fashion magazine and community launched at the Clothes Show 2010.

Clothes Show Report - Part 1

The Clothes Show London ran from 25-27 June 2010 at Earl’s Court. My conclusion? Not enough eco fashion! Punters told me they wanted more. Supply is not meeting demand.