Tuesday 1 November 2011

Eco News on London Fields Radio

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Sunday 2 October 2011

Atul Srivastava presents a brand new show on the world of...well, the world of saving the world! Listen now!

London Fields Radio's resident expert on all things eco, Atul Srivastava presents a brand new show keeping you up to date on the world of... well, the world of saving the world, listen now at:


Eco News, Vol. 1

Eco News is full of positive ways to make a difference, which are easy on the environment and on your pocket too. So listen out for regular features including Hackney Heroes - local projects making a difference, sustainable restaurant reviews, as well as money saving tips and forthcoming events with a enviro twist.

Each show Atul is joined by inspirational guests working on environmental and sustainability projects across London for news, chat and music. This month he meets Fiona Mathews from Earth Champions and Dominika Jarosz from Plan Zheroes.


If you have any comments, suggestions, song requests or would like to be a guest on Eco News, email Atul at: atul@ecoexpert.tv

Eco Celebrity Interviews on Youtube!

Sam Fox: http://www.youtube.com/ecoexpertnews#p/u/3/JFhUupZqwdc

Robert Llewellyn (the robot from Red Dwarf!): http://www.youtube.com/ecoexpertnews#p/u/6/QwbAMrc5E8A

Kevin McCloud (from Grand Designs): http://www.youtube.com/ecoexpertnews#p/u/23/MnSuEtNpSYg

Emma from People Tree: http://www.youtube.com/ecoexpertnews#p/a/u/1/Z94Wq4jq3Lk

Sunday 24 July 2011

19 New Videos on Youtube!


Forthcoming Event: Pure London

When: 7 to 9 August 2011

Where: Olympia and Earl’s Court 2, London

Why? Pure London is one of the UK’s leading fashion trade events. A number of eco fashion designers are likely to attend.


Clothing Made From Scrap Metal

Carolina Wong designs clothing using a variety of materials including scrap metal.


Dresses Made From Balsa Wood

Natasha Wodzynski has designed a dress made from balsa wood. To find out more:


Review of Green Wednesdays by Nice and Serious

Nice and Serious is the UK’s leading environmental production company, screening environmentally related feature films on Wednesday evenings. I checked out their inaugural screening Food Inc. Well run event with thought provoking speeches and informal discussions afterwards.

There’s a lot of talk about animal cruelty in Food Inc. Perhaps another animal to consider is the 'elephant in the room' that few people talk about: global overpopulation, and therefore over demand of food! Not an easy issue to find a solution for, but that doesn't mean we ignore it. Something to be acknowledged in future films along these lines.



Tips for Healthy, Green Living

Check out Epic Self for tips on vegetarianism and organic food, as well as exercise and healthy living:


Eco Benefits of Working From Home

Save money on fuel and food! Tips on efficient home working:


Monday 25 April 2011

Eco Bears

Award winning children’s toys made from English hemp, recycled cotton and recycled wool, using solar powered sewing machines.


Eco Friendly Wet Suits

Swish Suits make wet suits from neoprene rather than petrol based materials. Check out their website for more details.


Biodegradeable and Recyclable Yoga Mats

Palm Beach Athletic Wear makes yoga mats that are biodegradeable and recyclable, and can also be used to float on in a swimming pool!


Earrings Made from Re-used Materials

Storm in a Teacup breathes new life into vintage components, including earrings from 1950s porcelain pieces.


Gifts Made from Reclaimed Wine Barrels

Arts Marais makes furniture and small gifts from oak and steel using reclaimed Grand Cru wine barrels.


The Big P Project

The Big P Project tells Eco News:

“We are encouraging people to make a resolution for themselves to adopt with a conscious consumerism mentality. Anything from not using plastic bags at the grocery store, to buying organic, to adopting a completely carbon free footprint.”


Forthcoming Event: Eco Expert TV Filming Day

When: Wednesday 4 May 2011. Meet 3pm, Ends 5pm

Where: Drink Shop & Do, 9 Caledonian Road, King’s Cross

Why?: Come along to be interviewed about your environmental work, or join a discussion about renewable energy. 3 guests confirmed so far. Please let me know in advance if you’re coming along: atul@ecoexpert.tv

Eco Art for Easter


Easter Chick by Victoria Scott, printed on sustainable bamboo fine art paper. Look closely for a 3D effect!


Vancouver Eco Fashion Week

Eco fashion designer Lara Presber tells Eco News:

“Applying the principles of architecture in the world of fashion design...we believe in slow fashion – one doesn’t renovate their home for a single dinner party, but for how they want to live in that space for the next several years; why shouldn’t our clothing be the same?”


8 New Videos on Youtube!

Welcome to Eco Expert TV

5 tips to save your wallet and the world

Atul’s top 5 Eco Films

Atul’s top Eco Film: Naked Gun 2 1/2!

Lotti Henley calls for volunteers for Plan Zheroes

Chris Wilkie gives an update on Plan Zheroes

Atul interviews Betty Books

Atul interviews Red Button, as seen on Dragon’s Den

Bottletop shows Atul Christmas tree made from ring pulls

If you’d like to be interviewed for a promotional video, email: atul@ecoexpert.tv

Thursday 10 February 2011

If you’d like your product endorsed in Eco News, or require a promotional video, email: atul@ecoexpert.tv

Revolution in Clothes Hangers!

Norman Hangers has launched their Sustainable Clothes Hangers and are ready to take orders.

Norman Hangers are made from 100% recycled paper and almost as strong as their wooden counterparts.

They can be printed in colour to enhance your communication and advertising.

They were used by Pants to Poverty at Berlin Fashion Week.



Promotional Video Interviews on Youtube

Atul Interviews Sir David Attenborough

Atul Interviews Eco Model Summer Rayne Oakes

Goodone Shows Atul Jacket Made from Discarded Festival Tents

Atul Interviews Plan Zheroes about Food Waste

Atul Interviews Revolve about Efficient Motor Racing

Eco Art for Valentine’s Day

Victoria Scott tells Eco News:

“my art work is inspired by the environment and animals. I produce my illustrations using recycled fabric. I like to use my art to promote good causes.”

Image: Tree of Love by Victoria Scott, produced using recycled fabric.


Sustainable Restaurant Review: The Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall

Following the Sustainable Hotel Review of The Scarlet Hotel by Lucy Cornes in Edition 20, which focussed on its features as a hotel, I went to The Scarlet Hotel near Newquay to review its restaurant.

Eco Credentials: 5 out of 5
The kitchen has all the latest kit: all induction rather than gas. Induction is by far the most efficient way to cook. Heat is generated directly in the pot or pan, rather than by electrical coils or burning gas. Food is always seasonal, and local wherever possible.

Food Quality: 4 out of 5
I sampled the Winter Lunch menu. Good quality and healthy. More vegetarian options on the menu would provide a wider choice and enhance the quality of experience for vegetarians. Vegetarianism is also good for the environment.

Views and Decor: 5 out of 5
Located on the Cornish coast overlooking the ocean, there are few restaurants in the world capable of competing with the view. Inside, an exceptionally tasteful selection of modern features. You’re treated to some comfy cushions at the table!

Affordability: 4 out of 5
The Scarlet has paid attention to the affordability of its restaurant menu, and they have done well. You won’t need to save up for a visit.

Overall Affordable Eco Stars: 18 out of 20


Forthcoming Event: Plan Zheroes

When: Saturday 26 February 2011. Meet 3pm, Ends 5pm

Where: The Crypt, St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square

Why?: To conduct questionnaires with local businesses and help them divert surplus food to the homeless, or to people who can’t afford to eat properly.

Atul Interviews Eco Model Summer Rayne Oakes