Monday 25 April 2011

Eco Bears

Award winning children’s toys made from English hemp, recycled cotton and recycled wool, using solar powered sewing machines.

Eco Friendly Wet Suits

Swish Suits make wet suits from neoprene rather than petrol based materials. Check out their website for more details.

Biodegradeable and Recyclable Yoga Mats

Palm Beach Athletic Wear makes yoga mats that are biodegradeable and recyclable, and can also be used to float on in a swimming pool!

Earrings Made from Re-used Materials

Storm in a Teacup breathes new life into vintage components, including earrings from 1950s porcelain pieces.

Gifts Made from Reclaimed Wine Barrels

Arts Marais makes furniture and small gifts from oak and steel using reclaimed Grand Cru wine barrels.

The Big P Project

The Big P Project tells Eco News:

“We are encouraging people to make a resolution for themselves to adopt with a conscious consumerism mentality. Anything from not using plastic bags at the grocery store, to buying organic, to adopting a completely carbon free footprint.”

Forthcoming Event: Eco Expert TV Filming Day

When: Wednesday 4 May 2011. Meet 3pm, Ends 5pm

Where: Drink Shop & Do, 9 Caledonian Road, King’s Cross

Why?: Come along to be interviewed about your environmental work, or join a discussion about renewable energy. 3 guests confirmed so far. Please let me know in advance if you’re coming along:

Eco Art for Easter


Easter Chick by Victoria Scott, printed on sustainable bamboo fine art paper. Look closely for a 3D effect!

Vancouver Eco Fashion Week

Eco fashion designer Lara Presber tells Eco News:

“Applying the principles of architecture in the world of fashion design...we believe in slow fashion – one doesn’t renovate their home for a single dinner party, but for how they want to live in that space for the next several years; why shouldn’t our clothing be the same?”

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If you’d like to be interviewed for a promotional video, email: