Monday 30 November 2009

Rock on! Rock your baby to sleep and generate electricity at the same time!

Rocking chairs have often been associated with parenting, as the rocking motion helps to calm babies and send them off to sleep. Then you can get back to your X-Box, tax return or absorbing puzzle.
Now you can legally knock out your baby, save money on your energy bill and help the environment, all at the same time!
The Murakami Chair was designed by Rochus Jacob, and won the 2009 Green Life competition, run by
Nano-dynamo technology and an on-board battery pack are, somehow, fitted into the skids of the chair. The gentle back and forth motion creates electricity that powers the attached lamp as you rock. Or it can be stored for later, if you prefer.
It's probably better for the baby than sleeping tablets. And it's a mild form of exercise for the parent, burning a few more calories than simply leaving the Antiques Roadshow on, hoping that will put the baby to sleep.
I always marvel at ingenious ways to combine social, economic and environmetal benefits. This is one of them, and it's the way of the future. What's next in terms of harnessing kinetic energy generated by things that people want to do anyway? Exercise bikes in gyms hooked up to the national grid? Baby bouncers hooked up to the lights in the nursery?
And the best thing about it? When the baby's asleep, you can see if that chair's big enough for two grown ups.
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