Thursday 2 September 2010

Interview with Dan Bucknell, the man responsible for all those colourful elephants around central London!

Dan, can you tell us a little about Elephant Family, and how the idea for this campaign came about?

Elephant Family is the only UK charity dedicated solely and exclusively to saving the Asian elephant from extinction in the wild, while the Elephant Parade is all about raising awareness of the plight of the Asian elephant. Elephant Family has always looked for fun and novel ways of drawing people’s attention to this.

I was surprised that thousands of people had clearly made it their short term hobby to go around London locating all 258 elephants!

I have the general impression that those who have really taken the Elephant Parade to heart so enthusiastically have certainly taken on board the more important message, have signed the petition and will hopefully go on to be regular supporters of ours.

What will be done with the money and the petition?

The funds will be invested in our projects in Asia, the majority of which involve securing habitat – particularly wildlife corridors – for the endangered Asian elephant, as well as finding ways of reducing conflict between people and elephants. The petition will be used to demonstrate the level of support there is for Asian elephants around the world, making it easier for governments in particular to take the necessary action to save them. This could be anything from investing in conservation projects, designating protected areas, or changing and enforcing legislation to protect elephants etc.

How can people donate? Can they sign the petition online?

Both can be done online: and

And the question everyone wants to know the answer to....will there be more elephants visiting London or other cities again in future?

Elephant Parade is a unique event for each city in which it takes place. Therefore, while we will not be repeating the event in London, we are certainly looking to host future parades in other cities within the UK and beyond!

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