Monday 25 January 2010

5 Eco Money Saving Resolutions!

At the end of January many people start to notice that their New Year resolutions are starting to falter. Psychologists have noticed that New Year resolutions are rarely maintained throughout the year unless they were already deeply embedded in what you want from life, not just made up for New Year. Use the New Year to help reaffirm any money saving or eco resolutions you want to become habit. Here are my top 5 eco money saving resolutions for 2010.


1. If you need to buy a car and can’t use public transport, convert to hybrid in 2010! Many hybrids are now cheaper than their full petrol counterparts by the same company. By definition, hybrid cars have the power there when you need it. Even if you’re not interested in the environment, you’ll pay less for fuel. And hybrids come with financial benefits beyond massive fuel savings. Hybrids often qualify for road tax and congestion charge exemption, car insurance discounts and parking permit discounts. Add it all up and you’re saving hundreds of pounds a year!

2. Walk or cycle in 2010! Jumping in your, hopefully hybrid, car might sound energetic, but it’s consistent walking and cycling throughout the year that will firm up your legs, bums and tums. You’ll look good on the beach, improve your life expectancy, save money on petrol, and save money on wear and tear on your car.

3. Eliminate gym costs in 2010! BTCV run Green Gyms throughout the UK, where you can get fit for free through conservation volunteering. Forget spending about £40 a month on that gym membership that you never make full use of anyway. You’ll burn up to a third more calories in an hour of Green Gym conservation than in a step aerobics class. Sessions are designed to work a variety of muscle groups. If you currently spend £40 a month on gym membership, join a Green Gym instead and save £480 a year!

4. Kill the ‘Phantom Load’ in 2010! The term refers to your mobile phone charger, computer cord and time-telling DVD player that all suck energy even when there isn’t anything attached on the other end, hence the spooky phantomness. Clock in the microwave? £50 a year added to your energy bill!

5. Holiday locally in 2010! Although some air fares are cheap, you will often save money overall if you take into account airport taxes, travel to and from the airport, insurance and other costs associated with foreign travel. You’ll also spend a smaller percentage of your time in transit, allowing you more quality time together.

Atul Srivastava
Eco Expert
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