Sunday 17 January 2010

Eco News! Weekly Round Up - 17 January 2010

Volunteer to take part in the UK's biggest ever Swan count!

'Wild Law' Post-Copenhagen Discussion in London, Wednesday 27 January 2010. Further details at:

Watch Ecology TV and listen to Ecology Radio online!

Locavore! Word of the year 2007! Person who eats local food, reducing food miles and climate change!

5 Media Myths of the Copenhage Accord!

Cities to lead renewable energy!

Onion waste used to produce electricity for company in California!

Middle East could solar power World 3 times over!

Set some 'Environmental Intentions'!

Fantastic sea creatures found in Antarctica!

Learn more about hydrogen vehicles!

Bolivian President praises Avatar for call to save nature!

Find out what can be recycled in your area. Enter your post code into

Jeremy Clarkson vs Eco Expert: Battle of the Hybrid Car Reviewers!

Climate effort of world leaders delays Doomsday Clock by 1 minute!

Climate and weather are not the same! The globe is still warming!

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