Wednesday 30 December 2009

5 Eco Resolutions!

With the start of a New Year comes the opportunity to make some positive resolutions. Eco resolutions! Psychologists have noticed that New Year resolutions are rarely maintained throughout the year unless they were already deeply embedded in what you want from life, not just made up for New Year. Use the New Year to help reaffirm those eco resolutions you want to become habit. Here are my top 5 eco resolutions for 2010.


1. Kill the ‘Phantom Load’! The term refers to your mobile phone charger, computer cord and time-telling DVD player that all suck energy even when there isn’t anything attached on the other end, hence the spooky phantomness. Clock in the microwave? £50 a year added to your energy bill!

2. Walk or cycle! Jumping in the car might sound energetic, but it’s consistent walking and cycling throughout the year that will firm up your legs, bums and tums. You’ll look good on the beach, improve your life expectancy and save money. I think petrol engines in new cars will be unusual in 50 years time, but in the meantime, walk or cycle if you can!

3. Eat local, healthy and organic to reduce air miles and pesticide pollution. The average meal travels 1,000 miles from producer to plate. You might also save money learning to cook rather than ordering another pizza to be delivered!

4. Holiday locally! Although some air fares are cheap, you will often save money overall if you take into account airport taxes, travel to and from the airport, insurance and other costs associated with foreign travel. You’ll also spend a smaller percentage of your time in transit, allowing you more quality time together.

5. Use ‘oxo-degradable’ plastic bags whenever possible. These are given out at the Co-op and Tesco, and look, feel and carry just as much as other plastic bags. Oxo-degradable means the bag only takes 3 years to degrade in oxygen and light, rather than 100 years for normal bags. Yes there are pros and cons to oxo-degradables, but on balance they’re a step forward. Re-using is best, recycling is second best, disposing degradables is third best, disposing non-degradables is ‘so last year’.

Atul Srivastava
Eco Expert

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