Thursday 17 December 2009

Monthly Round Up - December 2009

'Life' on BBC1 was incredible last night! Jellyfish have no brains! Some jellyfish are immortal!

Jo Wood Organics is certified organic with ECOCERT, the leading European certification organisation for cosmetics!

Looking for eco xmas present ideas? Try Jo Wood's organic body mousse for £15, or exfoliating salt scrubs for £24!

Xmas present ideas! Jo Wood Organics gift sets from 30 pounds!

I'm doing a sponsored run to help plant trees and flight climate change! On £135 now, please help get to £500!

'My Journey With a Remarkable Tree' by Ken Finn - ancient forest destruction in Cambodia for "pathetic and immediate economic gratification" reviews the Green Awards 2009 and quotes Eco Expert!

Green Fashion Show hits the Runway!

London College of Fashion: Green is the New Black!

Trash to Fashion! have a great eco-xmas present idea! Buy someone half an acre of rainforest for £25!

Latest news from Copenhagen!

Copenhagen temporarily renamed 'Hopenhagen'!

Want to do something practical to fight climate change? Support an environmental charity to plant trees!

Aiming to finish the 10k run in under 50mins!

Arctic summer ice may be gone in five years!

Developing nations storm out of climate talks for 5hrs!

Science explained: a really simple, 2min video to show how CO2 traps heat!

Octopus found using tools! Researchers now say octopuses are as intelligent as vertebrates!

Highly complex tool use shown by endangered chimps, recently discovered in Congo!

5 Eco Xmas Present Ideas!

Arnold Schwarzenegger says it's 5 times more expensive to fix than prevent climate change! Anyone going to argue with him?

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