Wednesday 16 December 2009

5 Eco Xmas Present Ideas!

With Christmas fast approaching, many people at this time of year are stuck for present ideas. You've known someone for years, but still can't think of what to get them. They seem to have everything they want and need. Maybe it's time to think outside the gift box. Think Eco! Here are my top five tips for environmentally and socially friendly Christmas presents.


1. Save an Acre of Rainforest

My number 1 Eco Xmas present idea for 2009 is The World Land Trust Gift Pack. A gift donation of £25 will enable the WLT to purchase half an acre of rainforest, or £50 for a full acre. The recipient will receive a certificate recording that habitat has been saved on their behalf. Remember to select the paperless certificate option, so they receive the certificate by email rather than paper!

2. Adopt a Monkey or Donkey

Through various wildlife charities and local zoos you can arrange for a rare, and perhaps quite amusing, animal to be adopted as a present. My personal favourite is the Adopt a Monkey Gift Box for £23! Careful not to offend if you choose the Donkey option!

3. Membership of an Eco Organisation

Think of a small environmental organisation that has specific relevance for the person receiving the present. If they enjoy walking in the outdoors, try a year's membership of the Ramblers. If they like honey, try the British Bee Keepers Association. A list of small environmental organisations can be found at:

4. Experience Days

You don't need gas guzzling F1 car or skydiving experience days to get the adrenaline pumping. has a specific section of experience days for nature lovers, including lion feeding and shark diving! Or why not arrange for yourself and your 'presentee' to enjoy a trip to a luxury spa, theatre, concert, cinema or sporting event? No wrapping involved, yet far more personal than a book or a record token!

5. Organic Fragrances

If you're thinking toiletries, think eco! The Body Shop have a range of ethical products for men and women. Jo Wood Organics have a series of organic fragrances and health and beauty products. I recommend her particularly stylish gift sets.

Atul Srivastava

Eco Expert

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